Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Jag

Greetings earthlings , How.
The let jag, lag jet, jag let is slowly coming to an end. But boy was it worth it to be in San francisco for two weeks , the magic wooden boat surrounded by mist and sunshine. Those radio posts on top of hills really look like ship masts when you walk up a hill and see the mist roll in over you and all the colourful houses. I had a brilliant time and really fell inlove with this city. If i have to summon a few highlights it would be chocolate soufflé , yoga twisting , fresh sea air, golden gate bridge, Martha's coffee place, pink flowers, Mary Poppins sing along , coffee toffee icecream, steep hills and palm trees , healthy organic food and plane simple happiness. Thankyou !
I wont go into detail of the jet lag that followed but here is some visual evidence of what happened to us. Believe it or not , these are your sisters 10 000 feet in the sky, they are not neck cushion aliens , rest assured.
Although sometimes i had my doubts. We watched startrek on the plane and when we got home i found this little gem of a video from an old startrek series, i couldnt stop laughing but that might have been the jetlag taking its toll. Please watch it to the end, its very amusing.( i think i still have jetlag) funny video with great acting

Yes, did you watch it to the end ? i will send you all a questionaire about the clip with difficult questions like" what did he do after the spanish tapdance on the nose ?" Who ever answers me first will win a a pair of spock ears.
Moving on , here is another clip that reminded me of the night out we had amongst us sisters, it was truely magical and i will remember that chocolate soufflé forever !
It all seems a bit like a dream now, the drink we went for after in the Tosca was quite surreal as well. The high ceilings and the juke box were fun. Here a song that S2 chose to play , good choice ! Just a gigolo

And here is a wonderful song that is meant for you and this blog, its by Antony and the Johnsons and its called you are my sister

Ive been listening to them a lot lately and its perfect music for settling back into Prague again. Yes, i am back in my eastern dark valley forest. And its indian summer here, lovely warm weather. As you might have already heard i lost my voice due to a cold but i think its because i said before leaving that i wasnt looking forward to speaking difficult czech again, so i lost it completely ! I had to whisper to the taxi driver where i lived and he just laughed and said i would be an ideal wife if my voice stayed away like that, i wig wagged my pointing finger saying " no, no " and then had to thump my hand into my fist to show that although i cant talk i can still punch !
Welcome back to Czech land.
Anyway, i have rested well and my voice is now back again , although i sound like a a man after heavy drinking. In any case, i am looking forward to speaking czech again and i love this difficult language, really i do , deep down somewhere.
It was great fun seeing you all and i had a lovely summer.
Take care and hopefuly see you all soon!
Love S3

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself...
thank you S3 and thank you S1!!!
S2 xxx